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From the Desk of Amanda Holmes
CEO Chet Holmes International
The team at Algorithm was amazing. 

I’ve been looking for years for a marketing group I can trust and I’m so grateful I found them. 

They helped me generate qualified leads through my automated sales funnels. 

The best part is it’s all recorded in videos so it doesn’t take any effort on my part to take leads through our story. 

It’s truly a fantastic thing!
Hello! Welcome to our page... I hope it helps you. 

We are in the greatest period advertizing ever.

Social media video (specifically in the context of business promotion) is basically the new television. 

Remember that all the advertizing on those old school platforms like TV and radio were expensive, and it still worked! 

Some of the largest brands in the world were built on the backs of TV commercials (the stuff that the new platforms are replacing).

If social media is the new television, we need to think of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as the new broadcasting networks, 
like ABC and CBS and we need to treat them differently.

Our phones are replacing TV’s and social media video ads are replacing TV commercials. 

We can take what is essentially a television commercial and stick it in front of a highly targeted individual and not only get them to see it, but to watch 100% of it for pennies.

And if they watched it... We can send them MORE videos. Creating what we call... the bond. 

After you get complete strangers to bond with your brand, selling to them will be a piece of cake! 

Of course, you have to have a good product or service that actually helps people. Hopefully that’s a given... 

People think they need fancy stuff to make money online. Especially local businesses... They see internet marketers on some online ad promising them they will make “passive income” if they just ran Facebook Ads. Or if they installed a pre-made affiliate funnels to their website. 

Funnels, automation, ads, and all the other stuff you can do online aren’t bad. You just might not need them. 

If you already have a good working sales process, great! Let’s get more people into it. 

If you don’t have one... Well, then we can make one that fits your style of business. 

If you need a “funnel” perfect. Let’s make one that represents you. 

Do you need people to fill out a form? Great, let’s make a form and get people to bond with you before they fill it out. 

Need more phone calls? Awesome... Let’s do it.  

Marketing and Sales are different...

The purpose of a sales process is to turn a stranger into a customer. You’re already doing that.

The purpose of a marketing process is to take a complete stranger to make them feel like they know you, like you, and trust you, and send them in that current state into your sales process. Then let your sales process take over.

Sometimes that’s through a complex funnel. Sometimes it’s as easy as crafting the right message in a video advertisement and putting that video in front of the right people saying, “Call us!”. 

If having simplified marketing, that’s based on helping people, getting people to know you, like you, and trust you before you even try to sell them something sounds good to you. And you’d like to make everything work a little better… maybe we can help you. Or maybe not! 

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  • Created a unique strategy to spread his message online
  • Built an automated Customer Journey System©
  • Created advertising campaigns that filled automated funnels
  • Joined Algorithm in 2017
  • 100% increase in recurring revenue in 2018
  • Now focuses on his passion Instead of "where the money comes from"
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