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Dear Friend,

If you have been struggling to find a custom marketing plan that works and is easy to deploy... Keep reading. 

This is going to really help you get "un-stuck".

However, this is NOT for people doing get rich fads. This is for the business owner who has BUILT something that will last, ready to take it to the next level. 

In this letter I will cover the pain of where we are, the problem that creates, the strategy of the 3 pillars of growth and how you can apply it in your business, and (only if you need it) how my company can help you deploy these strategies faster. 

But even if you DON'T want help - Read this. Learn from it. Apply it. 
Today's Businessmen (or Women) are Suffering
It's not something that is really being talked about at all. 

But the weight of the world, economy, staff, family, and ourselves are on our shoulders…
... and there's not a lot of support. 

Being a business owner/ entrepreneur one of the hardest jobs EVER. (We have an ounce of "crazy" in us.)

We don't know what's next or how our business will make it.

Our high-stress life, enormous uncertainty, exhaustion and risk of humiliation that every entrepreneur endures leads us into uncertain times. Often leading us to being overweight, sluggish, grumpy all the time, turning to recreational drugs or alcohol to escape the stress or creating distance from our family. 

I know this is deeper than you were expecting to go. But it’s something that is happening to too many of us and needs to be addressed.

By better understudying our marketing systems and processes you will ease a LOT of the daily stress that you have.  

But why are you stuck? You’ve built something amazing and want to share it with more people. Why have you hit this roadblock?

The problem is simple... 
There's too much Clutter and B.S.
We've all seen it and it has tempted us. But we also know it's not real. 

There's too many "hacks" and "get rich quick" fads going on these days it leaves us wondering what we are doing wrong. 

You see some 20-year-old kid accidentally make a ton of money doing drop shipping on amazon, claiming that he can also get you the same result. 

And we wonder for a second... "If that idiot kid can make millions of dollars... why can't I?"

It's a compelling question... But it's not a rational one. (Most of these "guru's" that are teaching these strategies are doing so when the wave has passed.)


Now we have thousands of young (and not so young) people out there who've taken courses from these nut jobs and think they hold the keys of all things business, wealth, and marketing. (even though they have never run a business, lead a team, or started anything from scratch like you have.)

And I would bet that you have been approached by one (or more) of these guys trying to sell you the next FB or social media hack, or whatever the fad of the day is, and told you it will solve all of your problems. 

... So you tried it. 

... And it didn't work. 

... Now they are gone with the money you paid them and lost.

(I know this because 95% of our clients have had this happen to them. And we had to pick up all the pieces.)
Now You're Stuck... 
... You don't know what to do next. 
... You don't have a marketing plan. 
... You don't want to risk more money into something you're unsure about. 

You don't want to be STILL anymore. 

So you are looking for a strategy that you can wrap your head around and that will work. 
You Need a Plan
A plan proven to work in all different industries. 

A framework or strategy that you will focus all of your energy into. 

I'm ALL ABOUT frameworks. (if we ever work together, you will see all the frameworks we use for every aspect of marketing - it's crazy cool)

Our clients come to us because they want more sales. They think more sales equals more money. 

TRUE! We can't say that's inaccurate thinking. But there's an easy way to make more money... And a LOT more of it.

There's 3 ways to grow a business...

And I want to show you all 3 of them and how you can create your own "Business Growth Algorithm" 
3 Ways to Grow a Business
1. Get more customers. 

2. Get customers to pay you more. 

3. Get customers buy more frequently (or refer you).


Imagine a full marketing plan built around this idea? 

Let's do a simple exercise. 

Step 1: Write how many clients/customers you got in the last 12 months. 

Step 2: Write the average cart value, customer value, or transaction value (basically.. how much do they spend on average - if this is a hard number to find just divide total new customers in the last 12 months by total revenue)

Step 3: Write how often they purchase from you per year. 

Now we got to do some math... (For the sake of keeping this stupid simple I will use round numbers.)

10,000 [customers] X $200 [average sale] X 3 [purchases per year] = $6,000,000

Great - this our starting point.

Here's what I usually hear next:

"I wish we can make an extra 2 million this year... but that would mean we need an additional 3,310 customers on top of our existing base, plus attrition... that's tough"

That is tough... and expensive. 

What if instead of trying to increase your customers by 33%, we look at this in a more strategic and manageable way?

Instead, what if we improved each pillar by 10%. 

Let's do the math. 

10,000 [customers] X $200 [average sale] X 3 [purchases per year] = $6,000,000

10% Growth in each pillar:
11,000 [customers] X $220 [average sale] X 3.3 [purchases per year] = $7,986,000 (33.1% growth)

Damn... did you see that? 

If you had a gun to your head, do you think you can get 10% more sales? 10% more value, and have them come back 10% more often? I bet you could. 

What if we went crazy... 20%?
12,000 [customers] X $240 [average sale] X 3.6 [purchases per year] = $10,368,000 (72.8% growth)

I know... those numbers seem unbelievable. That's why I wanted you to do this for yourselves and see a REAL projection of your plan. 

Now we have where you are (original numbers) and where you want to go (new numbers). 
Increase Each Pillar of Growth
Let's see how you can get those increases in each pillar of growth.

Pillar 1: Get More Customers 

This is the most exciting one to talk about for most people. This is where the advertizing and crazy funnels come into place. 

To start off, do you have any paid advertizing that's driving prospects to your sales process?

Pillar 2: Get customers to pay you more

When is the last time you raised your prices? And when you did, did you lose sales? I doubt it. 
Besides a general price raises you need to have premium options. 
10% of people buy premium for no other reason than its premium... 
So make a package, offer, or product that's high end premium (you'll thank me later). 
The second part of this is to create new packages, upsells, add-on’s, cross sells, and down sells. 
By giving people more options when they buy from you will increase your transaction value (we call this cart value).

Pillar 3: Get customers to come back more often (and/or refer) 

The reason I add in "and/or" instead of just "and" is because SOME businesses don't have customers return often. (for example... a roofer (people may buy a roof more than once and we want them to come back but it's a LOT less frequent).

But EVERY business, no matter what should have a standard referral program that is automatically bolted onto every new sale and customer like clockwork. 

Do you know how much more money you can make if you turned every 1 customer into 3? 

How do we make customers come back more often? 

Great question... and it's different for every client we have. 

Some clients are more simple, we just made automated emails that shot out every week, month, quarter, etc that nurtured relationships and always making new offers for them to come back.

The fact is, your business is unique and there's no one size fits all. 

Above are some examples of the 3 pillar framework. 

Now you know it and you can't ignore it. 

Build a simple strategy for each pillar and implement it and get that 10% growth in that area. 

… Just buy trying to get 10% you'll most likely get more. 
So Now What?
Strategy is the starting point to taking your current marketing to the next level. 

So we got to get on a call and talk like humans. 

We are in Newport Beach, CA so if you're in town we'll take you out in the harbor with some wine and cheese :) 

On the call we will come up with the strategy that's custom for your business, together. 

You can take that plan and run with it (and I will wish you the best) or you will want to join our private client program and have us do the heavy lifting for you.

Our primary aim is to make this the single best investment you've ever made. 
I Know You've heard it All Before...
I know you've been "pitched" a lot. People trying to sell you snake oil. 

Giving you "you must buy today or else" and good old fashion counters to rejections. 

That's not me... in fact they have labeled me the worst salesmen of all time. I'm simply not a sales person... I'm the chief strategist in my company. We don't actually have any "sales people" because we believe that simply helping people will build the trust that is needed to expand our business.

I just want you to be happy. So if we talk and you leave with a plan, awesome.  My job is done. 

If you hire my team to help you... rad, I'm super happy to have you in our community. 
Here's What to do Next
If you are even slightly interested in this strategy and want to chat about it, schedule a time on my personal calendar link below. 

You'll fill out a simple questionnaire that let me know where you're at so I have a better understanding before I get on the call.

Sadly... this isn't for everyone. If you don't fall into our parameters of who we can help, we'll send you information that can help you your business to the next level. 

Okay, that's it... I'm known for talking/writing way too much. 

Schedule a time below! 

Joey Karam 
Chief of Strategy

P.s... I know some of you skipped to the bottom so I'll summarize it up here. 

There's 3 ways to grow your business. 

If you focus on these three pillars you will grow and be successful. 

If you want to jump on a phone call with me, we can strategize on the three pillars for your business, absolutely free. 

And heck, if you hate it I'll pay you $200 for wasting you time. 

... so what are you waiting for? 
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They helped me generate qualified leads through my automated sales funnels. 

The best part is it’s all recorded in videos so it doesn’t take any effort on my part to take leads through our story. 

It’s truly a fantastic thing!"
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